Lean principles that have saved businesses enormous amounts of time,

energy and money can revolutionize your healthcare operation. Nationwide,

healthcare systems are reducing medical costs, finding savings and creating

efficiencies with Lean principles. Lean is not merely a new set of tools or

techniques to try on the hospital floor, in the examination room or in your records keeping; Lean is a fundamental change in how people in the healthcare organization think.


Lean principles help healthcare organizations create value-added systems, with the end goal of increasing customer service and satisfaction. If you’re interested in improving your processes, help your staff be more satisfied with their work and improve your patient’s experience, we can help you begin your lean journey.


Our 12 week Lean training will help you  understand the fundamentals of Lean concepts and begin to understand how to apply them.  You will complete the Body of Knowledge required to pass the Lean Bronze Certification exam. Once you have successfully passed the exam, you will be on your way to begin applying Lean in practical settings in healthcare processes and systems. 


This training program is targeted toward professionals  such as:

  • Healthcare Executives

  • Pharmaceutical or Life Science Professionals

  • Hospital and medical office staff

  • Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Nurses

  • Laboratory and other healthcare services staff

  • Insurance, IT, billing and other clinical staff


We use an interactive mixture of teaching techniques throughout the 12 weeks to provide the best learning experience.  You can expect a balance of self-paced textbook reading, live web demos, conference calls and in-depth review course to set students up for successful completion of the broader SME Lean Bronze Exam, in addition to practical knowledge tailored to the healthcare environment for application in the real world. Live instructors are available for Q+A, discussions and test preparation reviews – this is not a self-guided eLearning module.


Cost of Course: $3,000




Are you interested in Lean training?  

Lean Bronze Training 

Prepare for the exam that leads to Lean Bronze Certification!