Lundsten Appointed to K2 Health Training Solutions Board of Advisors

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (April 24, 2019) - - K2 Health Training Solutions, which provides education to life sciences companies and health care professionals, recently appointed Derek Lundsten to its Board of Advisors. Lundsten is the CEO of Scrimmage, an award-winning modern technology firm featuring state-of-the-are mobile learning, engagement and collaboration tools.

“We are excited to announce the addition of Derek Lundsten to our Board of Advisors,” stated Director Kari Kalgren. “As K2 Health continues to grow it will be a huge benefit to get advice from Derek who understands mobile learning and how technology can help us deliver our content and training products in ways that our customers and learners want it. Derek brings tremendous leadership and experience to the table.”

The healthcare market continues to drive the need for training around value-based care and that impacts how health care providers practice and engage their patients. The downstream impact is that life sciences companies and representatives who call on these practices must learn about the business of healthcare to be the best partners with them. With Lundsten’s experience in both technology and business development, K2 Health can continue to keep up with the demand and create modern, technological solutions for health care professionals.

“I am honored to serve on the K2 Health Training Solutions Board of Advisors,” stated Lundsten. “My passion is finding solutions for professionals to help them provide quality healthcare. K2 Health is a great match and I look forward to helping them achieved their goals.”

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K2 Health is a training solutions company providing education to life sciences companies and health care professionals. Value based healthcare is changing how practices do business and interact with patients. Training solutions are needed to teach providers, staff and healthcare systems how to assess gaps and implement efficient workflow to drive quality outcomes. Simultaneously, life sciences companies training solutions must evolve to teach life sciences reps to understand the business of healthcare and the critical, complex processes that drive their results. For more information, visit


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