K2 Health Director to Speak at the National Infusion Center Association Meeting

AUSTIN, T.X. (June 21, 2019) - Kari Kalgren, K2 Health Training Solutions Director, will speak at the 2019 Inaugural meeting of the Nation Infusion Center Association (NICA) on June 21, as part of a panel about the challenges of in-office infusion. Kalgren’s focus will be highlighting the importance of training processes to create a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement in the infusion suite as well as training for change and implementing new ideas.

“We are honored to be chosen as a panelist for a rich discussion around in-office infusion challenges at the NICA conference. There is not one, sole solution that makes in-office infusions successful – it is a series of processes and learnings over time. We have had the chance to work with & train multiple practices and specialties that provide infusion or injections in their practices. We’re happy to share some best practices and challenges to consider in developing a sustainable training program to ensure patients have access to the medications they need to have administered in the infusion suite or injection clinic.”

Kalgren's contributions to the panel are full of real world, practical examples, and tools to help healthcare professionals identify and measure the right problem to focus effort and resources on using the Toyota Production System or Lean methodology coupled with a practical, practice driven approach - the K2 Health ARIM methodology.

K2 Health Training Solutions provides education to life sciences companies and healthcare professionals. For more information on K2 Health’s training solutions, speaking engagements and other services, please visit k2-health.com.

About K2 Health Training Solutions

K2 Health is a training solutions company providing education to life sciences companies and health care professionals. Value-based healthcare is changing how practices do business and interact with patients. Training solutions are needed to teach providers, staff and healthcare systems how to assess gaps and implement efficient workflow to drive quality outcomes. Simultaneously, life sciences companies training solutions must evolve to teach life sciences reps to understand the business of healthcare and the critical, complex processes that drive their results. For more information, visit www.k2-health.com.


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