Current policies and changes in reimbursement are causing physician practices to re-evaluate their current processes and workflow. Getting staff and leadership on the same page is difficult. Implementing & sustaining change feels nearly impossible, right? Training and inservice time are typically rushed, not documented and met with resistance by staff. 

Our solutions are focused on objective work flow analysis coupled with training strategies geared toward leadership and staff.  By understanding your business model and current quality initiatives or payment model, we'll  help you identify opportunities for change and provide right sized pieces of information to leaders of the practice who need to support the change, and to staff who are instrumental in implementing the processes to ensure it becomes your new normal. Each physician practice is different, so we allow for flexibility and a custom approach for your pace and capacity. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our innovative approach.

Consulting Services

  • Process improvement and application of "Lean Thinking" for healthcare 

  • Value stream mapping of patient care environments

  • Business development and strategic planning focused on process and workflow

  • Strategic planning for the Quality Payment Program and MIPS 

  • Infusion suite & bio-reconciliation workflow


  • The ARIM Method: Process & Project Leadership for Practice Improvement (Staff)

  • Lean Bronze Certification (Administrators, Leadership & Providers)

  • Lean Bronze Portfolio Preparation 

  • Leadership & Culture for Project Pull Through